TROLL Hiking

Hiking and camping 4 days

In this great 4 day package, you will get the best of both worlds. During the day you will explore the beautiful Troll peninsula on 3 different adventures, all starting and ending in Siglufjörður. At night you will be able to relax and recharge in the beautiful and luxurious Hotel Sigló. Our guides carefully select the best hiking trails each day. All of them have in common beautiful surroundings, waterfalls and secluded Icelandic nature away from the beaten path.

Season 2020


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EUR 1.250,00 PR. PERSON


  • Gálgafoss
  • Sauðhósmelur Lighthouse
  • Off the beaten track
  • Secluded and peaceful
  • Beautiful mountains
  • Deserted farms
  • Beautiful inhabited valleys and fjords



Skútudalur – Hestskarð – Héðinsfjarðarvatn – Vík
Distance: Appr. 8 km
Max ascent: 580m
Duration: 4-5 hours

The hike starts with the passage through Hestskarð. Through the valley Skútdalur passing small waterfalls and colourful mountains to the bowl of Hestskarð (Hestskarðsskál). From there we will make our way further through the bowl and through the passing. To the north of the pass is the Hestskarðhnjúkur peak rising up to a height of 855 metres and to the south the Pallahnjúkur peak rises up majestically seen from this angle.

To the west, the Skarðsdalur valley in Siglufjörður lays before you and above it is the Illviðrishnjúkur peak (895 m). Nearer, on the right hand the Hólshyrna mountain stands tall. When looking towards the east from the pass, one can see the northern part of lake Héðinsfjarðarvatn and the Víkurhyrnan mountain above it. Down from the pass, the hike continues down screes that are as steep and treacherous. A prominent feature in this ancient pre-glacial concavity are odd rocky areas with large boulders and hyper-green moss in the stream gullies.

Through this magical area we are starting to make our way down towards Héðinsfjörður Lake. Héðinsfjörður is the most northern fjord of the Troll peninsula and is inhabited apart from a few cottages and deserted farms. The fjord therefore has a magical no mans land vibe. To the west, is the massive mount Hestur, where the largest aircraft accident in Iceland occurred in 1947. A Flugfélag Íslands Dakota aircraft flying in fog flew into mount Hestfjall, which is located at the opening of the fjord on its west side, and 25 people lost their lives. The last part of the hike on this first day is towards Vík. When you walk towards Vík the course is set for the mouth of the river from lake Héðinsfjarðarvatn and one must ford the mouth. From the mouth of the river there is a short walk to Vík. At this deserted old farm we will set up camp for our first night out in the wilderness of Iceland.


Vík – Víkurhólar – Víkurbyrða – Fossdalur
Distance: Appr. 9 km
Max ascent: 800m
Duration: 8-9 hours

We start day 2 leaving the deserted fram of Vík and make our way along the Víkurhóla hills in the mouth of Víkurdalur, up and towards the mountain Víkurbyrða. From the peak you will have beautiful panoramic views. From there we will hike down towards Vestaravík and from there make our way to the beautiful and completely abandoned valley, Fossdalur. From the valley we will have unique views towards the eastern coast of Eyjafjörður, Látraströnd.

Fossdalur valley is a small valley surrounded by high rock formations in three directions and the Hvanndalabjarg rock towers over the valley. A river flows along the valley and cascades down from the edge of the rock down into the ocean. The valley takes its name from this waterfall, which is commonly used by seamen as a bearing point at sea when they are positioned in the vicinity of Ólafsfjörður. Here we will make camp for the night, enjoying the solitude and peacefulness.


Fossdalur – Kleifar – Syðriárdalur – Fossabrekkur
Distance: 16 km
Max ascent: 680m
Duration: 10 hours

The third day of our journey will be the longest one. After waking up in the peaceful Fossdalur we will head to Kleifar along the coastline where we will have beautiful views of Ólafsfjörður. We have now travelled, by foot, two fjords to the east on the peninsula. From Kleifar we will start making our way back towards Siglufjörður. On this hike we will be greeted by beautiful remote valleys and mountains, which can only be seen either by travelling on foot or overhead by plane. This part of the hike will take us through Syðriárdalur and to Fossabrekkur. We walk up two wave-shaped gravel plains; the first one is the steeper one and is called Fossabrekkur slope, from which the route derives its name. From there we follow a curved path to the north-west up into the pass and from there continue down to Héðinsfjörður. where for the most part walking on a glacier down to the Möðruvallaskál basin and then down several terraces with small cataracts. There we will find the deserted farm Grundarkot, which is were we will spend our third and last night beneath the bright summer sky.


Fossabrekkur – Hólsskarð – Hólsdalur
Distance: 9 km
Max ascent: 630m
Duration: 5-6 hours

For our last day out in the beautiful nature of the Troll Peninsula we will start our hike by hiking along side the River of Héðinsfjörður. South of the river are the overgrown ruins of the abandoned farm Ámár. Soon the trail takes us west through Ármárdalur and Hólsskarð which is the pass that takes us further towards Siglufjörður. After passing through Hólsskarð the beautiful waterfall Gálgafoss will welcome us. This is a waterfall that is less known but it´s beauty is none the less exquisite. From Gálgafoss we will follow the Fjarðará river towards the beautiful town of Siglufjörður. Here our 4 day adventure will come to an end. We recommend that you stay in Siglufjörður for að night, at Hótel Sigló, where you can enjoy a well deserved 5 star meal and a soak in the amazing hot tub with views of the harbour!


  • All meals during hike
  • Accommodation in high quality Salewa Alpine tents
  • Guiding service
  • Transport to hiking spots
  • Luggage transport between camping spots
  • Salewa 28L backpack
  • Airport transport from Akureyri


  • Hiking boots
  • Hiking pants
  • Hiking socks
  • Thermal long sleeve underwear, preferably made of wool
  • Waterproof jacket and pants
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Backpack (recommendend size 25-35 L)
  • Travel bags for additional luggage to be transported between camping spots
  • Waterproof shoes for crossing rivers
  • Sleeping bag
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Water bottle
  • Hiking poles, optional

Hiking in Iceland is the name of the game! Come and join us!


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