In terms of Ski touring, there are few places in the world with as many possibilities as the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland. The Troll Peninsula is the peninsula between Skagafjordur and Eyjafjordur. It is vast, largely unexplored and is the most spectacular Ski touring area in Iceland. The skiing slopes are truly unique, with a panorama view of amazing slopes waiting for their first descents.

Prepare for different skiing conditions; fresh powder skiing, skiing in the stable spring corn snow, which is perfect for steep and extreme skiing and more exposed lines than you normally find where avalanches are more likely. Our vertical drop is up to 1500m or approximately 5000 ft. in the unbelievable Arctic mountains.

During winter you can ski until it is dark and watch the majestic northern lights dance in the sky. In the springtime, there is nothing like skiing down slopes in between the towering peaks, ending the ride where the shoreline meets the North Atlantic.

Ski touring in Iceland is the name of the game! Come and join us!